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Why Volunteer at Care for Wild Africa?

Volunteering at Care for Wild Africa

Care for Wild Africa offers volunteers an experience that few South Africans will ever have! The opportunity to get involved in the fight against rhino poaching, and help save this beautiful species from extinction! Help us make a difference!

You will learn the ropes of wildlife rehabilitation by experiencing practical, hands-on work under the supervision of highly trained and knowledgeable Wildlife Professionals!

Some of the activities you will take part in are:

Wildlife Center:

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  • Hand-rearing of orphaned rhinos
  • General running of the center (building and maintaining bomas)
  • Cleaning cages and bomas
  • Preparing food for the animals
  • Treating and caring for injured/orphaned animals
  • Rehabilitation (walking animals in the wild etc.)
  • Monitoring rhino behaviour and socialisation patterns
  • Wound dressing
  • Weighing animals
  • Updating animal data records
  • Ensuring food is stocked and in supply
  • Work with local school communities visiting the center

A Typical Day:

  • Wake up and get ready
  • Feeding animals at the hospital, giving milk to any baby animals
  • Cleaning, updating animal records and ensuring that food supplies are in stock
  • Lunch/downtime
  • Getting involved with current game farm activities
  • Feeding time at the hospital
  • Supper
  • Relaxation time

There’s more to do than just volunteer!

Care for Wild Africa is situated close to some of South Africa’s most scenic locations – such as the Lowveld Escarpment with it’s Blyde River Canyon, God’s Window, and many beautiful waterfalls – it is also within easy reach of one of Africa’s largest national parks, the Kruger National Park! The nineteen thousand five hundred square kilometre (+/-19,500) park is one of the biggest in Africa. The world-renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks among the best in Africa.

Volunteer to Work with Wild Animals in Africa

Help with the care and handling of orphaned or injured wild animals, and learn how to manage the entire process! Keeping the centre fully operational is no easy task! There is a constant need for assistance on so many levels – from hands-on help with the animals to assist with local school communities that visit the centre. You could assist by becoming a Volunteer at the centre for as long as 12 weeks!

Are you looking for a truly African wildlife experience?

Care for Wild Africa is an establishment that cares intensively for wildlife and is actively involved in the rehabilitation of numerous wildlife species. Over a number of years, Petronel Nieuwoudt has been the leading member of several animal rehabilitation and game capture centres, all of which have been hugely successful! About fives years ago she started up her own operation – Care for Wild Africa.

Care for Wild Africa has provided many volunteers from abroad with the opportunity to work with African wildlife, an opportunity that they have absolutely treasured. This opportunity has provided the spark for a number of people looking for “something” to do with their lives to move towards animal care and rehabilitation. Care for Wild Africa has a wide selection of animals passing through its doors including lion, giraffe and rhino.

Who Volunteers?

Students, particularly those seeking an African adventure or wanting to work in zoologically related fields, or even just keen wildlife enthusiasts. Many seize the opportunity to use their gap year to have a foreign experience in Africa whilst experiencing a wildlife paradise. In many instances, this provides the experience that may be required in their future careers.

Those seeking a sabbatical or career break also use this opportunity to experience a very different way of life, often leaving them to conclude that they need to introduce balance into their own lives. This life-changing experience often leads to the person re-evaluating their entire life or at least reassessing their values.